Placing an Order
Placing an Order

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If you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message by clicking the "Contact Us" link on the footer of the page or send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Placing an Order

Orders placed online are processed at the warehouse. This is a separate facility from the retail store and can be reached at this number: 562-630-0888. We ship to billing addresses ONLY. If you attempt to place an order and the billing address does not match what the card issuing bank has on file as the billing address, the terminal will DECLINE the payment. When a payment is DECLINED, the payment is authorized by your bank but cannot be withdrawn by us leaving your funds in a "pending" status. The time it takes for banks to return the pending funds varies from bank to bank but they are typically returned at the end of the business day. This means that if you attempt to use a pre paid debit / credit card, it will need to have a billing address associated to it; that would make most pre paid cards unusable on this website. If you feel like the information that you've inputted is correct, and the terminal declines the payment, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THE PAYMENT AGAIN; CONTACT US REGARDING MAKING A PAYMENT TO AVOID PUTTING ANY OF YOUR FUNDS ON HOLD. Please input your address correctly as DECLINED payments may hold funds in your bank account in "pending" status and we WILL NOT be responsible for incorrectly inputted addresses. If your order is shipped before you notice that the address is wrong you will have to wait for your package to be returned to us before we can generate a new shipment for you. This information is provided by the customer and we are in no way liable if the package does not return to us.

Note to International Customers: Most international banks do not support the Address Verification Service that our terminal uses. Please contact us to place an order to avoid any of your funds being held by your bank due to declined payments.

All Duty and or Customs Fee's must be paid for by the recipient. These fee's vary from country to country and you should know what kind of fee's (if any) will be applied to your order.

Shipping Information

Orders usually take around 1-2 business days to process. Please be mindful that we are NOT IN THE OFFICE ON WEEKENDS. Currently all of our packages are shipped with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION.

If your tracking is marked as "Delivered" and you are claiming the package has not arrived, we cannot be held liable. We can open a USPS investigation but if they tell us that they delivered the package to your shipping address, we would have to take USPS's word as anyone can just say that a package did not arrive. If this is not OK with you, please do not order from us.

Pre Order Information

If the product you are looking at states PRE ORDER in the title, you are purchasing a pre order. Pre orders are charged as soon as the order is placed and are shipped as soon as the product is in stock. In the event that we receive a smaller batch of an item than anticipated, pre orders will be shipped in the order that they were placed. If you plan on ordering multiple items along with a pre order, and would like the non pre order items shipped ASAP, please place the pre order SEPERATELY as the whole order will be placed on hold otherwise. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to purchase pre order items by themselves in the event that another item is out of stock by the time the pre ordered item arrives at our facility.

Problems with your order?

If you ever have a problem with your order feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. We WILL NOT accept returns for used items.