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Lost Vape is a high end device manufacturer who has recently turned their focus into pod systems. LostVapes jump into the ultra portable game really ignited with the launch of the Orion Pod System. The Orion was created into two different versions, the Orion DNA Go which is powered by a DNAGO 40W chip, and the Orion Q (Quest) which takes the same form factor and techniques and creates a new device without the need of the DNA chip which drastically lowers overall cost. The Orion DNA 40W offers two different pod options and utilizes temperature control with stainless steel heating elements for varying performance levels while the Orion Q offers a single pod for universal usage.

The Orion was followed up by the Lost Vape Lyra, a pod system that adopted the performance of the Orion but utilizes an interchangeable coil system which lowers the overall cost to maintain the device as you only need to switch out the coil rather than getting a whole new pod. The Lyra offered pod replacements which include 1x each of the Lyra coils so the user can find which one they prefer and then sold the coils in packs of 5.

Lastly the Orion was reborn as the Orion Plus which combines the ideas of the original Orion DNA Go and the Lost Vape Lyra which creates the pinnacle of pod system performance and efficiency. The Orion Plus takes the best of both worlds and combines the classic chassis, the DNA Go 40W chip, and replaceable coils and pods.

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