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VaporRange Smoking Vapor product selection: take a peek at our SV vape selection. Whether you a looking for a potent pod system for salt nic styled vaping or cartridges that can handle exceptionally viscous styled e liquid such as wax, CBD, or other concentrates, then you are looking in the right place.

The Mi Pod is priced to sell and can use either Mi-Pod and Wi-Pod replacement cartridges. Each Mi-Pod purchase includes 2x Mi-Pod replacement pods and is easily powered on through the use of an on / off switch. The Mi-Pod offers compatibility with the Wi-Pod cartridges which were specifically made for use with thick oils through the use of a ceramic heating element.

Shortly after the release of the Mi-Pod, the Wi-Pod alternative device was launched. The Wi-Pod changes the chassis to be specifically tailored to handle thick liquids. Each Wi-Pod will include 2x Wi Pod ceramic concentrate pods for all your viscous needs.